From Them To Us

It's John's birthday born in October 1940

John shared with us his advices and perspectives about love, friendship and social interactions : watch part 1watch part 2.

Thanks to him for his advices, his joy of living and his enthusiasm.

Send with him your greeting by filling-up the form below. We’ll take care of printing the collection of messages on a nice post card to send it to John :)

The campaign has closed the 29 October 2014

John's postcard

Here’s a glimpse of the post card, gathering all your messages, that John received for his birthday through this campaign.

Special thanks to Sandra, the Bruyer family, Marta, Nicolas, Mick, Jaqueline, Mouna, Mathilde, Valérie, Karen, Dada, Choong-Ching, Bing, Rikki NG for your kind words to John!