From Them To Us

Roger's birthday is coming born in January 1920

Roger, who’s 95 years old, is the doyen of From Them To Us. In his video, he emphasised on the importance of enjoying life and all it has to offer: the arts, love, fun.

For Roger’s birthday, you can send your greetings to him by filling-up the form below. We’ll take care of printing the collection of messages on a nice post card to send it to him :)

The campaign has closed the 18 January 2015

Roger's postcard

Here’s a glimpse of the post card, gathering all your messages, that Roger received for the day of his birthday. The illustration has been drawn for the occasion by Dada.

Thanks for all your messages : Sandra, Thibaud, Morgane, Francis, Karen, Richard, Catherine, Jean-Louis and toute sa famille, Daniel, Stéphane, Martine, Anne-Lise, Mariane, Jean-Charles, Julien, Lucie, Marta, Antoine, Marie, Sarah, Camille, Pascale, Anne-Françoise, Jean-Pierre, Annette, Ophélie, Valentine, Jean-Charles, Élodie, Annette and Bruno, Gilbert, Jacqueline, Jérôme, Marion, Naïri, Yaël, Alain, Jacques and Catherine, Olivier and Anne-Marie, Denis, Odette and Patrick, Dada pour son illustration.